Welcome to Boarding

Why and how is boarding relevant in today’s age? Are the fees worth it? Two questions that I know exist when considering both independent education for your children, and the benefits of boarding.

Boarding at Barney allows each child to develop and flourish in an individual way that combines character development, academic growth, enrichment and lifelong relationships. Time not spent travelling to and from school every day can be spent far more wisely. It teaches them tolerance, patience, respect and independence, within an environment of warmth, support, care and love. It provides stability and consistency, and endless access to experts, friends and passionate individuals. It prepares and guides them; it gives them the confidence to stretch themselves to do things they never thought they could. It readies them for the next stage of their lives, and produces assured, modest, well-rounded and thoughtful individuals, who go on to succeed. Relationships are at a depth which means they last a lifetime, and boarding leaves a positive legacy which remains forever.

This is all provided in a school which achieved ‘excellent’ for every measure of pastoral care in its recent inspection, and at a price which has been maintained at a level which we hope makes it affordable in today’s age, with the cost of a boarding education at £62.87 per day over 365 days. There are alternative boarding arrangements that can also be made, which can include flexi and occasional boarding to meet a variety of needs.

If you have any questions or would simply like to discuss the benefits more in full, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with me.

Mr A C Jackson

"Flexi-boarding has taught me how to be more independent. The routine has helped me to focus on my prep whilst allowing me time to spend socialising with my friends." Harry Maguire, Year 9 pupil