We take our responsibilities for the health and wellbeing of pupils and staff very seriously and central to this care is our dedicated Medical Centre. The facility and expertise of professional medical staff can be accessed throughout the school day by day pupils and boarders. Two qualified nurses are on duty on weekdays and at weekends when we host sports fixtures. In addition, boarders have access to a daily doctor’s surgery every weekday morning.

The facilities and services provided by our welcoming Medical Centre include:

  • A two-bed sick bay, typically used for short periods while students await transport home, for monitoring illnesses and to isolate infections if required;
  • Chronic illness management such as asthma and diabetes;
  • Travel vaccinations;
  • Minor injuries care;
  • Health education and promotion;
  • One-to-one counselling.

We have direct contact with the local GPs’ surgery and can arrange consultations as necessary and seek urgent medical advice during surgery hours.