Why Barney?

As you would expect at an independent school such as ours, our students exceed their academic potential as a result of inspiring teaching, delivered in an easy, open and respectful environment at the heart of which is the caring relationships that exist between the teachers and students.

However, whilst we are extremely proud of what our students achieve academically, we also recognise the vital importance of preparing the next generations for an ever-changing and increasingly competitive and global marketplace. To do this we focus on developing the individual character of every child, and during their journey with us, we aim at cultivating vital life skills.

We want our students to be the types of people who light up a room when they enter it. We want them not just to be prepared for life beyond school, but armed with the characteristics and skills to embrace and to lead. This requires confidence, resilience and compassion, all built up over a period of time, and in a variety of ways, both within and beyond the classroom. It also requires that most important quality: humility. At our core is an unpretentious and humble outlook, and it is this combination of confidence and humility that allows our students to be the light in the room.

If you want to be the light, or are interested in hearing more about what makes Barney and Barnardians so special, please come and visit.