Clubs and Activities

We celebrate diversity at Barney: every student enjoys a unique Sixth Form experience, tailored to their passions. There are many opportunities to explore current and new hobbies and interests, not only trying out new ventures, but also leading within those areas. Sixth Formers develop exceptional leadership skills, both organically and through taking on roles in Prep School and in House areas with the younger Senior pupils.

Clubs and Societies vary from MedSoc to LawSoc, Book Club to Egalitarian Society, and many more, and can widen aspirations and knowledge of careers, as well as sparking or further fuelling interests outside of the curriculum.

In addition to the weekly clubs, Sixth Formers enjoy a diverse range of social events that link to further professional and personal skills and attributes, including our much-loved Lectern Club. Renowned amongst our alumni, participating in Lectern Club, a formal black-tie evening (but with an atmosphere of warmth and support) which celebrates public speaking and develops self-confidence, is an ambition of many a Sixth Former and they form true memory-making, Barney-style evenings.