Sixth Form Centre

The Kenneth King Sixth Form Centre, our state-of-the-art dedicated study and social facility for Sixth Formers, opened in 2016 and is the hub of life in school for our senior students. Modern and technologically advanced, the centre reflects the ethos of our Sixth Form provision which is to help prepare our students for their futures by providing a professional working environment which encourages collaboration, teamwork and communication while also supporting independence and responsibility among our young adults.

Open every weekday from 8am-10pm, the centre’s study facilities were designed around the notion of choice, acknowledging the fact that students prefer to work in different environments depending upon their task, their mood, the time of day and many another factors. During their study periods and at other times of day as well, Sixth Formers are able to choose to study in any of the seven distinct work areas, each with its own ambience and facilities. Classical music can often be heard playing quietly in the background, helping to maintain the perfect balance of activity and tranquility.

As well as being a superb place to study, the Sixth Form Centre is a social hub for Years 12 and 13, popular at breaktimes, lunchtimes and after the normal school day. Boarders can use it as a social space in the early evening and until 10pm for study. It is also used for Sixth Form social events such as quiz nights and formal dinners.

Tranquil, open plan main space for individual or group working, lunch and social time;
Soft-seating for reading, watching the news and relaxing;
Ground floor work area with ICT;
First floor mezzanine for quiet study;
Air-conditioned rooms for silent study, student-led discussions, presentations, seminars, tutorials and student committee meetings;
Adaptable rooms for lectures, presentations and larger group teaching;
Offices for the Head of Sixth From, the Director of Studies, the Careers and Higher Education Advisers and the Exams Officer so key staff are on hand;
Fully equipped teaching kitchen to practise skills for life.

High-speed Wi-fi;
PC workstations throughout and a bank of short-loan laptops;
Photocopier, printing and scanning facilities;
Touch screen, interactive whiteboards in each seminar room;
Projectors and audio visual facilities in all spaces;
Intelligent lockers with biometric security for securely storing and charging students’ own laptops and mobile devices;
USB charging sockets on each power point;
Disabled access to all facilities, including a lift to the first floor.

“The sixth from centre is an excellent, up-to-date resource for independent and collaborative working, which pupils use with enthusiasm.” Independent Schools Inspectorate, 2016