Welcome to Boarding

There is an excitement around boarding at Barney. Our Boarding family is a wonderful community of pupils from a variety of countries, with the largest percentage coming from UK-based families. Many of our boarding pupils live in the local area, preferring to board and ‘beat the bus’, where they use the time saved on school bus travel to complete additional study in the morning. 

Our team of Boarding HSMs, matrons and tutors have created an environment that pupils aspire to part of; it is one of warmth and nurture, enthusiasm and House spirit and, overwhelmingly, a sense of family. With structured, supervised prep time each evening, together with an extensive evening and weekend activity programme, including trips, competitions and social events, our Boarding pupils live a busy and fulfilled life at Barney. The ‘family feel’ permeates across the Houses and, despite a healthy competition between them, there is a togetherness amongst our Boarders, which sums up the Barney community. Senior pupils will often be found mentoring and coaching younger pupils and everyone is made to feel at home in an inclusive, integrated environment.

Boarders at Barney become rounded, independent, and responsible Barnardians. They develop empathy and kindness for their peers, as well as a true appreciation for the family environment, mutual trust, and respect. 

For further information regarding Boarding at Barney, including details about our Junior and Senior Boarding Houses, visit the pages within the ‘Boarding’ section of our website, as well as the links provided on this page. 

Mr P J Lavery
Head of Boarding

"Flexi-boarding has taught me how to be more independent. The routine has helped me to focus on my prep whilst allowing me time to spend socialising with my friends." Year 9 boarder