Clubs and Activities

The range of activities that a pupil experiences in their first two years in senior school is second to none.

All pupils in Years 7 and 8 follow a structured programme named ‘Mind Body and Soul’  three days per week.

On Mondays, each group of 12 pupils takes part in a ‘Body’ activity. These activities are designed to learn about fitness, or else experience different sporting activities and skills.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays pupils experience either ‘Mind’ or ‘Soul’ activities. ‘Mind’ activities include Chess, Creative Writing, Languages and  Debating, whilst ‘Soul’ include Pottery, Baking, Gardening and Drama.

Every 5  weeks pupils will change activity, thus experiencing 6 different activities in each category during an academic year.  In their first two years at the school they  experience over 30 different activities.

In addition to these, at other times they may also take part in team practices, music ensembles or a school play/musical. On Wednesdays there are Inter- House Competitions or practices throughout the year, events are as diverse as cake decorating, singing and football.

The aim of this programme is to give students as many experiences as possible, develop skills and knowledge that may be useful in the future, or else interests that they can enjoy higher up the school. All sessions are supervised by staff and senior members of each House help to run their teams.