Old Barnardians

When our boys and girls leave school, we encourage them to join over 5,000 Old Barnardians in our active network of former pupils living in more than 40 countries worldwide. The network not only supports recent leavers as they progress to university and first step careers, but also facilitates connections for older OBs who may be seeking new opportunities, ways to engage in sporting or social occasions or simply a route to get back in touch with friends from their school days.

Regular events on the OB calendar included a London dinner and drinks get-togethers in The City and Newcastle, as well as reunion events at school. OBs are, of course, also welcome to attend all open events on the school calendar.

The School’s Development Office and Old Barnardians’ Club maintain OB relations and collaborate on events and initiatives to benefit the community and help support the future development of the school.



“What a lovely atmosphere, so much was different but at the same time the school felt as it was.” Jim Farley, OB 1954

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