A Barney Education

Developing character in our young people

We are delighted to share details of our dynamic curriculum, A Barney Education, to both members of our existing School community as well as those interested in Barnard Castle School.

We have seen how quickly the world around us can change. After the comparable peace and calm of the last three decades, our children are having to contend with adversity on a local and global level, a challenge that many of us did not have in our childhoods. Throw into the mix the volatile and ubiquitous world of social media and it makes for a complex and uncertain existence.

This is not meant to scare-monger – far from it. Our children are very fortunate to be part of such a world, country and School, and they have more breadth of opportunities than the generations that came before them and the vast majority of their peers. However, we would not be doing our jobs, as parents or as educators, if we were not preparing them for this ever-changing world. Our children will be working in the 2060s and 2070s, and the world will look even more different than it does now.

The purpose of A Barney Education is to introduce how we are trying to address this evolution from within the confines of a magnificent Victorian structure. Please feel free to view and download our brochures (follow the links on this page) for both Prep and Senior Schools, which provide more information about Barney’s exciting educational offering.