Creative Arts

Music plays a vital and vibrant role in the life of the School. The range of opportunities for musicians and singers is immense and Sixth Formers are encouraged to indulge their passion for music and to share their talents, taking part in Chapel Choir, the house singing competition, orchestra and jazz bands, ensembles, rock groups, school musicals and charity concerts.

Drama additionally lies at the soul of Barney life, with an inclusive calendar where students of all ages can take part in musicals and plays throughout the year. From Six: The Musical to Les Miserables, from An Accidental Death of an Anarchist to Bugsy Malone, performances on our Big School stage are highly acclaimed and enable students to be part of something truly magical. What is more, our Tech Crew are comprised of students of many ages, who learn to support stage production from lighting to sound, and demonstrate an exceptional grasp of technological understanding that contributes to many career routes beyond School. In all scenarios and roles, Sixth Formers are leaders and often develop leadership skills through the role-modelling and coaching of younger ones within the performances.

Art is not just a subject for the classroom at Barney. Students who wish to engage with art outside of A Level subject choices and lessons are able to do so throughout the week as part of our activity programme. Further to this, students can choose to be part of our Service programme, engaging in art for the community. Various installations and murals have been designed and produced by our team of students, with Sixth Formers once again leading the way.

"There is a copious amount of musical activity to partake in here at Barney. I play the Violin, the French Horn, and I also sing, meaning I am in almost every musical ensemble at school. In my five years at Barney, music has constantly been a source of both academic and social stimulation, and I have learnt so much, every day, from other musicians who are all, it is safe to say, my friends." Year 13 student