Year 6 Achievement Award

At Prep School, we prepare our children for the tests of life, not a life of tests, which is why our Achievement Award programme in Year 6 is so popular.

From learning basic first aid and culinary skills to name just a few exercises our children complete throughout the year, they are both challenged and encouraged to follow their passion through project management.

The qualification culminates in the Untitled Project where Preppies are given free rein to complete a project before presenting their findings to a panel of teachers and pupils.

In recent years we have seen Preppies build a soapbox car, discuss the function of the human brain, and create a successful amphibious vehicle. One of our pupils even wrote to Sir David Attenborough about his study into zoos and the conservation of animals, to which he received a reply!

These examples offer a mere taste of the creativity amongst our pupils.

While our pupils do not sit the Statutory Assessment Tests (SATs), which most primary schoolchildren across the UK take each spring, our emphasis is more on character education and developing the crucial soft skills that young people require as they progress through their studies and into employment.

The Year 6 Achievement Award is a major element of this type of education, which, in turn, supports their development as they progress to Senior School.

If you would like to learn more about our bespoke programme and wider Prep School experience, please do not hesitate to contact our Admissions Team, who would be delighted to arrange a personalised tour with our Prep School Headmistress, or you can see for yourself at our upcoming Open Events:

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