Academic Support

Academic Support takes a graduated and individualised approach to SEN. Each child has their own unique set of strengths and weaknesses and Academic Support aims to encourage the strengths whilst supporting any weaknesses. This approach means that students who have accessed Academic Support often perform on a par with those who have not.

Barnard Castle School has high expectations for all its students and we take a positive and proactive approach to students’ learning differences. Look out for example, for awareness initiatives around Dyslexia Awareness Week.

We offer a wide range of interventions such as:
1:1 support in Maths and English
Rapid Reading
Reading Challenges
Stareway to spelling
Indirect Dyslexia Learning
Touch Type Read Spell
6th Form Mentoring
Study Skills support
1:1 lessons are arranged outside of lesson time, normally during Independent Study time.

Plan, Do and Review
Interventions are reviewed termly. Parents are consulted on a regular basis, as we know that communication is paramount in getting it right for our students. Students who receive 1:1 lessons will receive a comment from their support teacher on their reports. Parents are encouraged to speak to us on the phone or to drop in any time for a chat about their child’s progress.

Technology and Exam Support
We recognise that technology can play an invaluable part in helping students overcome their barriers to learning. Where appropriate, we encourage students to word process and all students have access to Read Write Gold. We also have students who use Dragon, text to speech.
Where students have persistent and significant difficulties, we test and, if appropriate, apply for exam access arrangements. The school adheres to the rules concerning exam access arrangements as per JCQ (Joint Council for Qualifications).

Academic Support encourages all staff to create a SEN friendly classroom and many teachers are adept as spotting the signs of a range of neurological differences such as dyslexia or ASD. Teachers are encouraged to refer students. Likewise parents may contact their child’s tutor or Mrs Gibbons directly to raise any concerns.


Head of Academic Support
Mrs J Gibbons (NASENCO)

Support teachers
Mrs I Dawson
Mrs D Everall
Mrs M Reay
Mrs J Pepper
Mrs S Truss

1:1 lessons are charged per lesson.