Scholarships & Awards

Barnard Castle School aims to develop multi-dimensional, open-minded and resilient young adults. We aim to do this by encouraging the abilities of all our students in a wide variety of spheres, within and outside the classroom.

The basis of all our teaching, coaching and guidance is underpinned by the lasting relationships formed between students and teachers.

We are also passionate about supporting students who show potential in specific areas through the presentation of scholarship awards at different stages of their development, either through participation in the Scholars’ Programme, the receipt of financial assistance, or both.

The receipt of a Scholarship is, we hope, a genuine honour, and the recipients will be set clear expectations. The award is reviewed annually, but the St John’s Scholarship (11+) has a tenure of two years, after which a new application has to be made for a Flounders (13+) Scholarship. The Flounders Scholarship has a tenure of three years and terminates at the end of Year 11. To receive a Balliol (16+) Scholarship a new application has to be made. If our expectations are not met, the school reserves the right to revoke the award.

You can learn more about the Bursary and Scholarship opportunities at Barnard Castle School by visiting the links on this page.