Scholarships & Awards

Barnard Castle School aims to develop young adults with character. We also aim to develop the abilities all of our pupils in a wide variety of spheres, within and outside the classroom. We also see the benefit of supporting pupils with potential in specific areas through the presentation of awards at different stages of a pupil’s development. These manifest themselves in either participation in a specific programme, the receipt of financial assistance, or both.

The receipt of an Exhibition or Scholarship is, we hope, a genuine honour, and the recipients will be set clear expectations. If these expectations are not met, the school reserves the right to revoke the award. The award will be reviewed annually, but the 11+ Exhibition has a tenure of two years, after which a new application has to be made for a 13+ Scholarship. The 13+ scholarship has a tenure of three years and terminates at the end of Year 11. To receive a Sixth Form (16+) Scholarship a new application has to be made.

Please feel free to view/download our 2021-2022 Scholarship Brochure, by following the link on this page.

Exhibitions (11+ Entry):
Exhibitions are awarded at 11+ (Year 7) entry for those children who show outstanding ability and potential, either academically, musically, athletically or across a number of strands. These are awarded for two years, and do not automatically transfer across to a Scholarship which is awarded in Year 9.

The following exhibitions are awarded at 11+ entry:

  • Academic
  • Music
  • Sport

11+ Exhibitions do not bring a fee remission, but rather they see the successful recipients take part in an Exhibitioner Programme (EP). These bespoke and tailored programmes entail one to one guidance, as well as access to specific coaching, tuition and facilities.

Scholarships (13+ and 16+ Entry):
The following Scholarships are awarded at 13+ (Year 9) and 16+ (Lower Sixth) entry:
• Academic
• Music
• Drama
• Art
• Sport

These Scholarships are worth up to 10% of the school fees. When a pupil receives more than one scholarship, the second award is honorary and does not qualify for any fee remission.

Barnard Castle School is committed to widening access to the benefits of our excellent, all-round education through the provision of financial assistance.

If required, financial assistance in the form of a Means Tested Bursary (MTB) is available at any point in your child’s 11+ career, including on admission. This is discretionary and is granted only after the confidential assessment of parents’ financial circumstances. If required, this is to be arranged prior to the commencement of each academic year and will be reviewed on an annual basis. For more information please liaise with the Registrar, or you can contact the Bursar, Mrs Suzanne Metcalf, directly on

Additional financial assistance may also be available to Exhibition and Scholarship award holders, subject to means testing.