Prep School

Prep School is a happy and encouraging community where the care of the children is our priority. Children are far more likely to excel at school if they are happy and feel cared for and we take our pastoral responsibilities very seriously. The children know there is always someone they can turn to or talk to, beginning with their class teacher who has primary responsibility for the children in their care and quickly gets to know every child and helps them in their academic and social progress. We also have a full time school counsellor.

The children themselves also understand the importance of caring for one another. Central to our ethos is ‘The Barney Way’, a set of values that are taught to the children from the outset. The Barney Way values are evident around school and reinforced in assemblies and Chapel gatherings to help the children remember and understand what is expected of them. In PSHCEE lessons the children learn to develop their social skills, expected behaviours and how to care for others.

Pastoral care at Prep School is overseen by Mrs Lianne Taylor, Deputy Head (Pastoral).

Incorporating Reception, Year 1 and Year 2, Pre-Prep is where many of our children begin their formal learning journey. Starting school is an exciting time and we ensure all children are offered rich, exhilarating, and fun experiences in a safe and friendly environment. Creative curriculums in each of the Pre-Prep classes allow children to be engaged and become independent learners and thinkers. All children develop positive attitudes towards their work and are able to grow in confidence and self-esteem.
Small class sizes allow the teachers to give the best education to every child from those needing a little extra help to those who demonstrate exceptional talents that need to be nurtured.

The education and opportunities offered to children from Year 3-6 reflects their growing maturity, recognises their individual preferences and provides challenge both inside and outside the classroom. With a friendly, encouraging and supportive atmosphere and additional responsibilities, the children thrive. They are well mannered, eager to learn and begin to show a growing sense of independence.