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Lower Sixth Geography Trip to Newcastle – 22.04.2024

23 Apr 2024

By Max M, Year 12

On Monday, we embarked on a journey to discover the urban inequalities and gentrification of different areas in Newcastle, ranging from Walker, where we learned the economic inequalities between the residents here and those who lived the next street along in Eco housing.

Here, we all came to the conclusion that this would be an area where young, single, city commuters would live. We then visited a unique and gentrified area called Ouseburn. This used to be an industrial area, until it became a very run down place, and now is home to a city farm, containing sheep, pigs, pythons and parrots. Whilst a few of the group explored the farm, others had the chance to look round the Cluny exhibition museum, before we all came back together, to be given a guided tour of the inclusive horse stables and indoor arena for young children to access.

Finally, we ended our field trip by visiting the Quayside, which evidently showed clear signs of redevelopment. Before redevelopment, it was a run down, and neglected area, now due to property led redevelopment, it contains shops, bars, The Baltic Gallery, housing and hotels. Alongside this we visited Grainger Town, where we explored the re-branding of the big Georgian attractive, symmetrical buildings, which previously were run down, medieval high buildings, with poor cobbled streets, concluding a very intellectual and enjoyable day out at the Glasshouse Gateshead.