The school’s provision for the health and well-being and medical care of boarders has been assessed as “excellent” by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (2016 report).

The school’s Medical Centre can be accessed extremely quickly if required and every boarder is registered with the local GP surgery when they join the school.

In the mornings, evenings and at weekends, boarders’ medical needs are provided for by our residential matrons, who work closely with the school nurses. If a pupil is unwell the first person they should tell is their housemistress or master, matron or any other member of staff on duty. If they need to see a doctor or one of the nurses in the Medical Centre, house staff arrange this. Boarders know that if they feel unwell during the night they should wake up a member of staff on duty. If they are unable to do this themselves they should ask a room-mate to do it for them.