Sources of Support

As well as their subject teachers, who are always available to discuss academic matters, all Senior School pupils have a tutor and housemaster or housemistress to oversee their personal welfare on a day to day basis. The school counsellor, independent listeners and the school chaplain are further sources of support. Father Darren has an ‘open door’ policy for any student who wishes to offload a burden or discuss a personal matter – of faith, friendship, family, their future or any other issues.

Pupils, too, play a significant role by providing peer support. We are proud of how our pupils are involved in offering care, guidance and support to each other. Younger pupils, in particular, value the opportunity to discuss issues with fellow students in an informal and accessible aspect of our extensive pastoral care structure.

E-safety training is provided to all pupils in ICT lessons and the PSHE programme.

Peer support includes:

  • Peer Support Group – a group of senior pupils volunteer each year provide a confidential, listening service to fellow pupils in Years 7-13. They are trained in school with input from the Samaritans and wear a badge to identify themselves.
  • Student Council – meeting on a regular basis, the Student Council has representatives from every year group, providing a voice to pupils’ ideas and opinions. Committees with responsibility for equal opportunities, cyber-bullying and anti-bullying also meet.

The 12 To Turn To