The School Day

The Senior School day commences between 8.30am-8.55am with registration and finishes at 5.00pm for day pupils. Teaching finishes daily at 4.05pm (3.25pm on Mondays, as students take part in Service Activity Time), allowing opportunities for pupils to be involved in the school’s extensive activities programme.

Saturday School runs from 8.30am – 12pm, with sporting fixtures often taking place throughout the afternoon.

There are a maximum of eight lessons each day, Monday to Friday, lasting 40 minutes each. Some subjects choose to have double lessons to allow practical work to be completed. There are four lessons on Saturdays, also lasting 40 minutes each.

8.30am-8.55am – Pupils register with their tutor, usually in their House area
9.00am – Morning lessons begin, with the exception of Mondays (Chapel) and Wednesdays (House Time)
11.10am – Morning break
11.30am – Morning lessons resume
12.55pm – Lunch
1.55pm – Afternoon lessons begin, with the exception of Tuesdays (Congers), Wednesday (Reading Time) and Thursdays (Congers)
3.25pm-4.05pm (Mondays) – Service Activity Time
4.05pm – End of teaching
4.10pm – Activities
5.10pm – End of the School day

8.30am-8.50pm – Pupils register with their tutor, usually in their House area.
8.55am – Morning lessons begin
10.20am – Morning break
10.35am – Lessons resume
12.00pm – End of the School day

In order to accommodate the complex nature of modern working and parenting, extended day provision is available before and after standard school hours. Pupils can join the boarders for breakfast from 7.40am, charged at £6 per day, and stay until 7pm, including tea, for £12 per day. Flexi or occasional boarding is also available to families who need their child to stay overnight at School.

Each pupil is given a copy of his/her timetable, a School planner and a prep timetable. The Deputy Head (Academic) produces a prep timetable for each year group at the start of each new academic year. Years 7 and 8 have two preps each evening lasting 25 minutes. Year 9 has three preps each evening, each of 30 minutes’ duration. The purpose of prep is to provide opportunities outside the classroom for private research or independent research, learning and reinforcing knowledge, reading, completing extension tasks and preparing for the next lesson.

“Barnard Castle School succeeds in combining academic achievement with an excellent range of activities and opportunities. We are delighted with our son’s progress and are very pleased with the support and pastoral care too. It is heartening to watch him grow, learn and develop into a happy, well-educated and sociable young man, while bring inspired, taught and supported by a talented and dedicated team of teaching staff.” Kevin & Olga Johnson, parents