Religion, Ethics & Philosophy

Head of Department: Miss C J Snaith
RS Teacher: Mrs S M Butler

GCSE Religious Studies allows exploration of a very interesting range of ethical and cultural issues, including using animals for medical experimentation, the legality and morality of recent wars, and how society ought to punish criminals. Alongside this, students gain knowledge and understanding of the beliefs and practices of Christianity and Judaism. If students have gained interest in ethical issues and religion in year 9, they will surely enjoy the GCSE. We have enjoyed recent trips to London, Leeds, Newcastle and Durham.

Course/Exam board: GCSE AQA A 8062

Specification at a glance
Component 1: Religious Beliefs and Practices
* Judaism

* Christianity

Component 2: Thematic Studies
* Life (B)
* Peace and Conflict (D)
* Crime and Punishment (E)
* Human Rights and Social Justice (F)

Your route through the syllabus and assessment

Paper 1: Judaism and Christianity

Paper 2: Themes

What Religious Studies can do for you
Religious Studies has moved away from analysing Biblical texts. We look at the place of religion in the modern world. The 4 themes provide plenty of opportunity for research and debate of real issues. Lessons take place in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere which naturally fosters achievement. GCSE RS leads to any A-level choice and is regarded favourably by universities and employers as it demonstrates the gathering and use of detailed knowledge together with honed evaluative skills. Many GCSE pupils enjoy the course and opt to study the A Level when they enter the Sixth Form.