Head of Department: Mr M H Nicholson –
Teacher of Mathematics: Mr A J Maude
Teacher of Mathematics: Mr N Toyne
Teacher of Mathematics: Mr B C Usher
Teacher of Mathematics: Mr J R White

The course is run over seven terms starting at the beginning of Year 9 with the aim of completing the course at the end of the Michaelmas term in Year 11. Set 1 progress onto the Additional Mathematics course offered by OCR which is especially helpful to students considering A Level Mathematics.
This Edexcel International IGCSE in Mathematics (specification A)(9-1) qualification comprises two externally assessed papers.

Course/Examination Board: IGCSE Edexcel 4MA1
Students are entered at either Foundation Tier or Higher Tier.

Specification at a glance

  • Numbers and the number system
  • Equations, formulae and identities
  • Sequences, functions and graphs (including basic calculus)
  • Geometry
  • Vectors and transformation geometry
  • Statistics and probability

Your route through the syllabus and assessment

  • Two written papers: each contributes 50% of the final grade
  • No coursework
  • Tiered papers: Foundation Tier (F) grades 5-1 available; Higher Tier (H) grades 9-4 available
  • All papers are two hours
  • 100 marks on each paper
  • 40% of each tier paper is targeted at Level 4 and 5 for standardisation
  • A calculator is allowed for both papers.

What mathematics can do for you
IGCSE Mathematics at grade 7-9 is usually required to commence A Level Mathematics at Barnard Castle School, and a Level 7 student can still struggle.
Those who qualify in Mathematics at IGCSE or A Level standard are in the fortunate position of having a wide range of career choices available to them and employers would be hoping to see at least a 4 or 5 grade in IGCSE Mathematics on any curriculum vitae.
IGCSE Mathematics at grade 5 or above is usually required for entrance to a UK university.