Design Technology

Head of Department: Mr A M Beaty –
Teacher of Design Technology: Mr D Hurst

The Cambridge IGCSE syllabus enables learners to identify, consider and solve problems through creative thinking, planning and design and by working with different media, materials and tools. Candidates gain technical and design awareness as a result, and develop skills such as initiative, resourcefulness, enquiry and ingenuity. They also develop the communication skills central to design making and evaluation. All examinations are taken at the end of year 11.

Course/Exam board: Cambridge IGCSE CIE 0445

Specification at a glance
Paper 1 – Product Design
A compulsory written one-hour 15 minutes examination to test design thinking. 25% of the overall grade.
Pupils select EITHER:
Paper 3 – Resistant Materials Engineering
A written one-hour examination testing knowledge of materials and processes. 25% of the overall grade.
Paper 4 – Systems and Control Engineering
A written one-hour examination testing knowledge of structures, mechanisms and electronics. 25% of the overall grade.
Paper 5 Option Based Project
Compulsory design and make, school-based controlled assessment. The project is selected by the candidate with guidance and is based on the option area selected, either Paper 3 or 4. 50% of the overall grade.

What IGCSE design technology can do for you:
Although systems & control engineering is better suited to those with an aptitude for mathematics and physics, both subject areas provide an ideal path and preparation for further study in product design, engineering, graphical design, architecture, industrial design and the like. They are enjoyable, practical and rewarding subjects, developing real-life skills that will prepare learners for their future within a rapidly changing technological society.



“Pupils develop strong technological skills; they are confident users of tools and materials in design technology.” Independent Schools Inspectorate, 2016