Business Studies

Head of Department: Mr G Bishop-
Teacher of Business Studies: Mr N J Connor

Would you like to start your own business and be a successful entrepreneur like those you see on Dragons’ Den? Would you like to go on to be the manager for a large business like John Lewis or M&S? Have you got an interest in the news, business news and like to learn about how the things we see on the TV and on the internet and enjoy thinking about how the government and their policies affect your life?

Course/Exam board: GCSE AQA
This qualification is now linear and for first teaching in September 2017.

Specification at a glance
Areas of study are:
Business in the real world;
Influences on business;
Business operations;
Human resources;
These topics will be covered in lessons and in two weekly preps. Materials for all lessons and textbook topics are on the shared network and a full copy of all notes for Papers 1 and 2 are put in place for students to refer to, with a full notes set provided to each student in order to structure their learning and scaffold supplementary material.

Syllabus and Assessment
Paper 1: Influences of operations and human resources management on business activity
A one-hour-and-45-minute examination worth up to 90 marks or 50% of the GCSE
Paper 2: Influences of marketing and finance on business activity
A one-hour-and-45-minute examination worth up to 90 marks or 50% of the GCSE
There is no assessed coursework or controlled assessment in this new specification.

What business studies can do for you:
You will develop a range of skills including presentation, communication, problem-solving and team work and in addition have the chance to consider small business start-up and growth from a very practical point of view. Business Studies GCSE can be useful for most careers and is particularly relevant if you wish to work in human resources, marketing or finance. It can provide a foundation if you are considering setting up your own business, and is useful if you wish to go on to study Business Studies or Economics A Level.