Parents’ Pastoral Forums

At Barney, we are very transparent and open with parents about our pastoral care. In recent years we have introduced a series of Parent’s Pastoral Forums, which cover a range of topics.

These Forums will provide parents with the following:

  • clarity on how we support our pupils with key pastoral concerns;
  • information on key pastoral concerns that affect our young people;
  • practical tips for parents in supporting their children at home with key pastoral concerns;
  • recommended links and reading for further information

Using a combination of key pastoral staff, our own pupils and visiting expert speakers, we hope that these forums will provide a platform for parents to learn more about the pastoral provision at Barney, as well as how they can support their own children in tandem with the school.


October 2019 – Anti-Bullying
November 2019 – Mental Health
February 2020 – Online Safety
March 2020 – Supporting Children in Exam Season