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Parents’ Pastoral Forum – Anti-Bullying resources

17 Oct 2019

Thank you for attending our recent Parents’ Pastoral Forum – we hope you found it useful. If you were unable to make it, the following materials will provide you with a recap of the session, as well as act as a refresher.

YouTube video link of the entire forum, including contents with approximate timings:

  • 1-5 mins: Introduction
  • 5-20 mins: Barney Anti-Bullying Ambassadors
  • 20-27mins: Anti-Bullying Ambassador plans: culture and practicalities
  • 28-31 mins: What is bullying?
  • 31-34 mins: The support network at Barney
  • 35-42 mins: How we respond to bullying behaviour
  • 42-44 mins: Information sharing
  • 45-51mins: Signs for parents to look out for

The following YouTube clips give some background to the Diana Award Anti-Bullying scheme, which Barnard Castle School has embraced: