Studying Abroad – Mark Huntington, A Star Future


Mark Huntington, of A Star Future, during his lecture that was delivered to members of Barney Sixth Form

Today we had the pleasure of e-meeting Mark Huntington, of A Star Future, who discussed the vast study opportunities available to students abroad.

Mark delivered an insightful and informative presentation to members of Barney Sixth Form, covering a range of topics, including other countries’ higher education provisions, university places and preparation as well as the different international career paths available.

Guidance was also provided on how to apply for universities in different countries.

It was a timely discussion with National Careers Week 2021 starting on Monday 6th March 2021 – a fantastic initiative that puts a spotlight on the job and career opportunities available to young people.

We are grateful to Mark for taking the time to speak to our students, and we look forward to hearing from him again soon.