Head of Department       Mrs M M Abela
Exam board                      Edexcel
Qualification name         Psychology
Qualification codes         9PSO

What you will study
Lower Sixth
Topic 1: Social Psychology
Topic 2: Cognitive Psychology
Topic 3: Biological Psychology
Topic 4: Learning theories

Upper Sixth
Topic 5: Clinical Psychology
Topic 6: Criminological Psychology
Topic 9: Psychological skills

How you will be assessed
Paper 1:
Foundations in Psychology
A two-hour written examination
Paper 2: Applications of Psychology
A two-hour written examination
Paper 3: Psychological skills
A two-hour written examination

All  examinations are taken at the end of the second year.

Why choose Psychology?
Psychology is the scientific study of the mind and how we can attempt to explain behaviour.  It is a popular subject at A level due to young adulthood being a time of striving to understand the various aspects of human life which contribute to establishing the make up of an individual.  Students are given the opportunity to research how people process and apply information about themselves and others from diverse perspectives which include elements of both nature and nurture.  Practical investigations, alongside the study of psychological theories and applications to the real world are all included within the course structure.

Course requirements
Students should have achieved at least a grade 4 in Science and Mathematics.

Related subjects at Sixth Form
Depending on the longer term goals of the individual and the inter-disciplinary nature of the subject Psychology can relate to a wide range of other A level subjects.

Where could this lead?
Psychology A Level is useful for those wishing to pursue a career in areas such as medicine, social work, law, business, advertising, the probation service and teaching. For students who wish to continue with Psychology beyond degree level, career options include educational psychology, forensic psychology and clinical psychology.

Further important information
Studying Psychology at Barnard Castle School is taught in small groups with a strong focus on the needs of each individual within the class. Discussions, presentations, group and individual tasks all feature heavily within our programme. Lessons are welcoming, relaxed and interactive with all students receiving one-to-one attention on a regular planned basis alongside our offering of weekly tutorials. Students are taught by a Psychology graduate with many years of teaching experience and who is also an examining team leader for the Edexcel A level Psychology qualification.