Martha Davies, Bowes House

From national hockey finals to Nottingham University, animal lover Martha Davies has taken the first step to securing her dream job as a vet.

She joined Barney in 2018 as a Sixth Former and enjoyed sporting success as a member of the 1st XI Hockey team, which reached the national finals in 2020 and won the County Cup.

We are positive that these achievements will follow Martha to Nottingham, where she will study Veterinary Medicine and continue playing Hockey.

Her true passion lies with animals, though, and she is perfectly placed in Nottingham, which is home to one of the newest veterinary schools in the UK.

“I’m really looking forward to starting at Nottingham. The campus is in the countryside rather than the city, which I prefer,” explained Martha.

“All the vets I’ve spoken to on work experience said it is the place they would go if they had their time again.”

She added: “I’d gone to a very small school with only 15 in a year group, but when I joined Barney Sixth Form there was nothing intimidating, everyone was lovely and so welcoming.

“Barney was amazing and I always felt I could do well there.”