Lecture Programme

We want our students to become independent thinkers and young adults of character with passions and opinions, with the confidence and self-assuredness that universities and employers value, all underpinned with a sense of humility and grounding.

“We like to choose students who are bright, but broad, with character. The thing is, if somebody’s intelligent we can teach them the skills we need (…)– but what we can’t do is teach them to be rooted.”
Sundar Pirchai, CEO Google

Our tailored lecture programme exposes students to the insights of leaders from the private and public sectors, who share their experiences and guidance. We have strong business links to the area and are enthusiastic members of the North East Chamber of Commerce. This allows us to have our finger on the pulse when it comes to business trends and the employability prospects of our students. Regular contact with professionals at the top of their careers, as well as young Old Barnardians who are making their mark in the world, is an informative and inspirational addition to students’ education as we seek to add value and breadth to their experience. Drawn from regional, national and global organisations and academic institutions, our speakers provoke intellectual curiosity, broaden horizons and support aspirations.

Our lecture series is sub-headed into three themes: opportunity, careers, and employability. Each term has a flagship event. Examples from previous years include:

Michaelmas Term – Opportunity:
American Scholarship co. (http://thescholarshipco.com/contact.html)
Astar Futures (https://www.astarfuture.co.uk/)
Fooglebinder (https://flooglebinder.co.uk/)

Lent Term – Careers:
Careers Convention 1: (Louise Baker – Barrister, Jonathan Wallis – Chartered Surveyor, Sam Turner – Police Sergeant)
Careers Convention 2: (Alex Johnson – A&E Consultant, Amy Morgan- PGL trips, Katie Harrison – Interior Design, Callum Campbell and Jonny Bateman – Fitness Industry)

Trinity Term – Employability:
Employability week
Creative thinking day (http://www.the-learning-crowd.com/Professor-Antony-Eddison/); Bespoke trip to Leeds University; Industry Day

Past presentations have also included:
John Mowbray OBE, former Director of Northumbrian Water
David Soanes, UK Country Head of UBS
Sue Snowdon, Lord Lieutenant of Durham
Alistair Dormer, Global Chief Executive, Hitachi Rail.

"Lectures are a great opportunity to gain an independent insight into life outside of Barney. For the Lower Sixth, we have lectures every Monday and Friday in the Sixth Form Centre. We are lucky enough to hear talks from various universities and organisations. For example, recently we had a talk about possible university opportunities overseas in Europe and the US. It was amazing to see how many of my fellow peers were genuinely interested in this perspective. This is something that many would not have considered if it was not for the lecture programme." Daisy, Year 12