Learning Resources

Sixth Form study is academically demanding so we provide our students with all the resources they need to support their learning. Our dedicated Sixth Form Centre is the primary resource and the centre of activity for Years 12 and 13 providing an exclusive study, meeting and social space. It also has a well-resourced careers and higher education library where students can spend time and gain advice as they research and plan their next steps.

Sixth Form students have access to many other resources throughout the school to support their learning. Each department within the school has its own well-stocked library and on-line resources specific to subjects studied at A level. Our school Library is in a dedicated building at the centre of the school and is a valued and friendly study, research and reading facility staffed by a full-time librarian. Students are encouraged to embrace essential private study in the Library and to make use of its resources, information and learning materials in a variety of media including university level e-journals and subject-specific magazines to which the school subscribes carrying the latest in research and opinion. All library resources are listed on Oliver, the library catalogue, which is accessible throughout the school, and there is a dedicated Sixth Form web portal for reference and for contacting teachers at any time. The Library aims to serve all members of the Sixth Form: to satisfy the desire for knowledge and understanding, to fulfil the requirements of the curriculum, to broaden cultural and recreational needs and to provide an environment conducive to learning and reading for pleasure. Students also have the opportunity to volunteer as pupil librarians, a role which can contribute to the volunteering element for those following the Duke of Edinburgh Award.

During their time lower down the school, students take part in a Library-based programme of information skills tuition ensuring they develop the skills to acquire and utilise information confidently and successfully. Once in the Sixth Form, students are also enrolled at Durham University Library, a world-class facility, and work with staff there to develop further their research skills.

The magnificent Bowes Museum, located next to the school, houses one of the best collections in northern England, as well as experts and an excellent reading room which has been opened to our Sixth Form as an additional research and study facility.


‘The Sixth Form Centre really is an amazing facility – having such a large, well equipped and comfortably-modern tailor-made space, dedicated to A-level study is a privilege. Not only does the wealth of resources and a focused work atmosphere make maximum productivity easily possible during work hours, the SFC also caters for downtime, providing a relaxed and genuinely friendly area to take a break. The SFC is physically and socially central to sixth-form life, placing students in close contact with teachers and other resources such as the library, while also facilitating the fostering of a social circle that naturally extends across both years.’ Tamara, Year 12