Confidence Course

Belinda Alexander introducing her Confidence Course during a recent Sixth Form assembly


During the Lent Term in 2021, we will be offering our Sixth Formers the unique opportunity to attend a series of personal development courses in communication, interview technique, and social skills.

These will be delivered by renowned course provider, Belinda Alexander, who recently spoke to our Sixth Formers at one of their assemblies to introduce the courses

Details of each course are as follows:

Communication skills, body language, and eye contact

This session will help students to understand and adapt the verbal and non-verbal messages that they send out about themselves. Topics will include moving confidently; how to overcome nerves even when you are feeling a little apprehensive; how to make a small presentation, particularly used at second interviews; and how to sit, stand and enter a room.

Interview and conversational techniques

This session will help students to further develop communication skills for use in formal and informal settings. Topics will include making formal and informal introductions; what to wear and when; and how to initiate a conversation with people of all ages. At this session, ‘role play’ will be used to carry out a conversation. Students will then be asked to talk about the conversation, to expand upon the topics that they introduced, and to explain how they continued with their conversation using their listening skills and eye contact.

Formal occasions: putting it all into practice at a dinner party

This session will involve ‘hosting’ guests for a dinner and will bring together many of the topics from the previous sessions. The students will need to raise their game as they interact with some guests. As well as looking at dress codes and conversation, this session will address how to thank people and how to tackle unusual foods. With many job interviews taking place over dinner or a working lunch, these skills are becoming increasingly important. This interactive evening should consolidate the course and leave the students feeling much more confident in their interactions.

A letter from Mrs Beadnell, Deputy Head (i/c Sixth Form) was issued to parents in December outline the series of courses and we will aim to provide further updates about each course.