Archie Hunt, Northumberland House

Following a successful two years at Barney Sixth Form, in which he had his first novel published and broke the school’s Barnard Run time record, Archie Hunt is destined for great things.

Another member of the 2019-2020 Upper Sixth who secured a place at the prestigious Imperial College London, Archie will study Law – a career that suits him perfectly.

Never one to shy away from a debate, his EPQ, entitled Snakes and Ladders, turned into an Amazon-approved novel, which has been downloaded by more than 15,000 people so far, with a further 1,000 book sales – a truly remarkable feat.

A keen and talented long distance runner, Archie, who boarded at Barney, won the last two Senior Boys’ Barnard Run races, breaking his previous record, set in 2019, during the race held earlier this year.

“I absolutely loved Barney but am looking forward to going to UCL where there is also the opportunity to study for two years at Columbia University in New York and gain an American law degree as well,” said Archie.