Marwood House

Welcome to Marwood House.

I would like to warmly welcome you on behalf of the girls and tutors in Marwood House. I am delighted to be taking on the role of Marwood Housemistress and look forward to starting my journey in Marwood with those of you who are joining the House with me. Being a Housemistress is a privilege, and I am excited to be able to play such a significant role in supporting you through your Barney journey.

As an MFL and Drama teacher, as well as someone who is passionate about co-curricular activities, I am looking forward to encouraging every Marwood girl to contribute to the House and push themselves beyond their comfort, whether in striving for academic Merits, presenting to the House in assemblies or representing the House in the vast variety of competitions; there truly is a stage for every girl to be involved.

I am here, together with your House tutor and our wonderful Prefects, to support you in your journey.

Miss Lizzy Heward
Marwood Housemistress