Durham House

Welcome to Durham House.

It is my great pleasure to welcome you to Durham House, where we can build on the great work the School has done to guide the boys through the unprecedented times we have faced. I follow the first female leader of a boys’ House, Mrs Campbell, and will continue to build upon the great work she has done.

I have worked as a tutor in Durham House since 2017, and as Assistant Housemaster since 2018. I teach Maths and Further Maths, as well as coaching Rugby and Athletics. Having spent much of my younger years working in a team in my days as a burgeoning athlete, I can fully understand the importance of a nurturing environment.

As a former Boarding House, Durham is especially well placed to continue offering that nurturing and caring environment for boys to develop and grow. It is a place that rewards tenacity, where they can attempt new skills safely.

Whether it’s in the drama studio, sports field or the music school, members of Team Durham will try their best for themselves and each other.

Mr David Riley
Durham Housemaster