Bowes House

Welcome to Bowes House.

I would like to extend a very warm welcome to you on behalf of all the girls and tutors in Bowes House. Being Bowes Housemistress is a privilege for me and playing such an important part in the shaping of young people’s lives at the heart of the Barney community is an exciting prospect, and I am very much looking forward to embracing and overseeing life in the House.

I am extremely fortunate to have enjoyed a vast range of experiences at Barney as a teacher, tutor, mentor, colleague and not least, as a parent. The warmth of Barney is quite unique and has driven my ongoing commitment to the well-being of all students; helping them to develop confidence, self-esteem, resilience and curiosity in this rapidly changing world.

I am driven by a love of learning and enjoy sharing and imparting new knowledge and expertise in the classroom. As an experienced teacher, I have a strong desire to nurture and promote all pupils academically, emotionally and socially so that they may flourish and develop into confident and resilient young people; ready to take on the wealth of opportunities ahead of them. In promoting these values, within the ethos of Bowes House, I am very much looking forward to guiding the girls through such an important phase of their education and development, whilst working hard to ensure that their time in the House is both a happy and successful one.

We like to think that the girls in the House are proud of Bowes and all that it stands for.

Mrs Janey Dolby
Bowes Housemistress