Charity & Community

From a very young age, our children are taught moral values, an appreciation of those who may be less fortunate than ourselves and an understanding of the importance of helping others. In Prep School, this is supported by a number of charitable events that take place during the school year, some of which focus on fund-raising and others, such as Harvest Festival, where we collect produce for local food banks and homeless shelters. Events are led by the School Council, staff or parents and support a range of worthy causes, locally, nationally and internationally. Non-uniform or theme days are always popular, while annual events on the calendar include the tea party for Epilepsy in Action.

The Senior School directly or indirectly supports many local, national and global good causes. Led by Sixth Formers, the Senior School Charity Committee annually raises over £10,000.

All offerings made in the School Chapel are given to charities and none is retained by the school. The school choir and musicians stage an annual Christmas Concert at the Bowes Museum to raise funds for the Friends of the Bowes Museum.

The school also supports charities in ways other than fund-raising. For example, our facilities are used by local charity groups and sports teams.

For more information on the school’s contribution to the economic, social, sporting and cultural life of the area, please click on the link: Community Contribution