International Prospectus

We are glad that you have expressed an interest in our School.

If you would like to learn more about ‘Barney’, as we are affectionately known, please feel free to contact our International Registrar, Mrs Nicola Slater, on (+44) 01833 696095 or, to request a copy of our International Prospectus.

"We know that any student whom we place at Barnard Castle School comes home happy and enthusiastic about his or her time at boarding school. An agent could not ask for more! The quality of teaching and the drive to have fun while doing well at sport are what impresses me the most at Barney. In addition, the community feeling in the boarding houses is not only something that reads well on the promotional materials but is present in every house and in every school day. Any student that gets an offer and a chance to spend time at Barney’s can be congratulated. They will absolutely love it." Theresa Glasmacher, Managing Director at Barbara Glasmacher Schulberatungs GmbH