Weekends allow our boarders to relax, to play with their friends, enjoy the facilities within the grounds and to take part in an extensive range of activities and trips. The children learn to live, play and work together in an informal, yet structured environment with opportunities to develop their individual personalities and take part in activities that interest them. Boarders participate in a full programme of evening and weekend activities and can join local sports clubs as well as cubs, scouts, brownies and guides if they wish. They can bring mobile telephones, iPods, digital cameras and handheld electronic games such as DSs or PSPs to the boarding house which are available to them for up to one hour at any time of the day at the weekend before being handed in for safe keeping at bedtime.

A typical Saturday may look like this:

7.30am Get up, wash, dress, make bed, tidy room
8.15am Breakfast
8.45am Room check
9.00am Prep boarders might enjoy a visit to a local attraction, play park or other activity
12.00pm Packed lunch in the park before returning to the boarding house and rejoining the Year 7 boarders
12.45pm A trip to town to buy tuck or something of the pupils’ choice with their own pocket money
3.00pm Treasure Hunt in the school grounds or other activity or trip
4.00pm Computer time
4.30pm Various board games or an art and craft activity
5.15pm Tea
6.00pm Shower, telephone or e-mail home
7.00pm Film and pizza/popcorn/ice-cream sundaes
8.30pm Bed (Y3 and Y4). Reading in bed. Lights out 8.45pm
8.45pm Bed (Y5 and Y6). Reading in bed. Lights out 9pm
9.10pm Bedtime (Y7 and Y8). Reading in bed. Lights out 9.30pm

A typical Sunday may look like this:

8.30am Get up, dress, make bed, tidy room
9.00am Breakfast
10.00am Rugby training at the local club, horse riding or free time
12.15pm Light Lunch
9.15am Homework and individual reading with boarding staff
1.00pm Boarders’ outing, eg bowling, cinema, theme park or local attraction
11.30am Return from Chapel/rugby training/horse riding – free time
12.15pm Traditional Sunday lunch
1.00pm Boarders’ outing, eg bowling, cinema, theme park or other local attraction.
5.15pm Traditional Sunday dinner
6.oopm Showers, prepare bag and uniform for following day, phone or email home
6.45pm Quiet time, room check & shoe polishing
7.15pm Weekly house meeting including supper
8.00pm Bed (Y3 and Y4). Reading in bed. Lights out 8.15pm
8.10pm Bed (Y5 and Y6). Reading in bed. Lights out 8.30pm
8.40pm Bed (Y7 and Y8). Reading in bed. Lights out  9.00pm


"I like boarding because we're always having fun with our friends and go on cool trips. I also like it because when you are sad someone is always there to comfort you. Friday nights are really fun as we have tuck and watch a film. We also have an arts and craft night, which I enjoy as I love drawing and painting." Aimee Willey, former Junior Boarder