The boarding day

Our Prep School boarders enjoy a consistent daily routine that ensures they can develop good habits, build their independence, are well prepared for school and get to enjoy time with their friends. Their weekday routine around the boarding house is as follows:

7am – Get up, wash, dress, make bed and tidy room
7.40am – Breakfast in the Senior School dining hall
8.15am – Return to Old Courts, collect bag and any kit required for school, double-check the bedroom is tidy, meet in the Common Room and wait for the bell.
8.30am – Leave for school
3.45pm-4.45pm – After-school activities. On returning to Old Courts, children change into casual clothes, put away their uniform, empty their bags, put dirty clothes in the laundry and prepare their school bag for the next day.
5.15pm – Tea in the Senior School dining hall
5.45pm – Supervised homework and individual reading with boarding staff
6.30pm – Evening activities, eg cricket club, swimming, sports hall, quiz, arts & crafts, board games
7.15pm-8pm – Showers and opportunity to telephone or email home
7.30pm – Supper in the boarding house, followed by brushing teeth
7.45pm – Story, reading, television
8pm – Bedtime for Years 3 and 4, reading in bed
8.10pm – Bedtime for Years 5 and 6, reading in bed
8.30pm – Lights out.

“The outcomes for boarders is excellent. Boarders are fully integrated into the school." Independent Schools Inspectorate, 2016