Long Term Boarding

Our Boarding journey begins at the age of 7 in Old Courts, but pupils join us at all ages and quickly adapt to life in our Boarding family.

Junior Boarders (aged 7-13) enjoy their bespoke accommodation and a programme that suits their age and stage of education and development. There is a wonderfully homely feel in Old Courts and the Junior Boarders can often be seen around the school site on scooters, playing hide n seek, climbing trees or in their large kitchen enjoying baking, board games and crafts.

At the age of 13 our Junior Boarders then move into the Senior Boys’ (Northumberland and York) and Girls’ (Longfield) Houses to continue their Barney journey.

At each stage of their journey, there is an increase in independence and responsibility, but care and kindness permeate the environment and pupils are supported by a dedicated House team, as well as each other. 

Senior Boarders are key role models for our younger pupils and most hold positions of responsibility, which see them supporting and looking after their younger Housemates, especially those who may be new to Boarding. It is not unusual to walk into the Barney Boarding social spaces and see Sixth Form pupils enjoying a game of pool, cooking or gaming with pupils from the younger year groups.