Transformational Bursaries

“We like to choose students who are bright, but broad, with character. The thing is, if somebody’s intelligent we can teach them the skills we need (…) – but what we can’t do is teach them to be rooted.” Sundar Pirchai, CEO Google

Success in life and impact on the world has always been about more than grades – the rich variety and history of Old Barnardians is surely testament to this. Barney has long focused on developing young people of character; individuals with the confidence, compassion, creativity and humanity to make a real difference in our ever-changing world. Moreover, providing access to children, regardless of their means, has been part of Barney since 1881 when the first governing document enshrined this purpose in the School (no doubt some of your peers have benefited over the years from the foresight of our forebears).

In the current challenging financial times, Barney needs your help to sustain and grow our ability to support pupils in financial need. This not only benefits them but the diversity they bring to School enriches the education we provide. Growing our ability to offer means tested access to a Barney education further secures your School’s future in uncertain political times.

Currently, just 1 of the 35 pupils who receive a mean tested bursary is funded by a philanthropic legacy – a fact we need to change. We are establishing a Bursary Fund that will invest gifts to ensure that for years to come children without the full means can still access a Barney Education and all the opportunities that it brings. A legacy or gift of around £150,000 will secure fully funded places for two children at Barney which will transform their lives.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or need any further information – a bursary gift will change many lives.