The Bishop of Horsham
YORK HOUSE 1972 – 1980

I spent three years in the Prep School and a further five years in the main School at Barney. The ups and downs of school life, a sound academic grounding and various opportunities to develop other interests gave me a spread of life-skills and a certain resilience with which to confront the world beyond the School’s walls.

There is nothing quite like belonging to a purposeful community to help you learn the importance of collaboration and the contribution of each individual to a common good. For many, sport will have been an important part of their Barney career; for me it was the regular stage productions which led to performances with the National Youth Theatre. That was a great confidence-building experience and helped prepare me for university and then for some of the more public aspects of a priest’s responsibilities.

There is no doubt in my mind that Barney made its mark on me and that many of the skills upon which I have come to rely were first nurtured at Barnard Castle School, for which I am very grateful.

Cambridge University
DURHAM HOUSE 2010 – 2017

As someone from a working class family with no way to afford independent school education, the bursary awarded by Barnard Castle School proved invaluable in my admission to Cambridge  University. During my time at Barney, I had access to high-quality teaching that allowed me to flourish academically not just in terms of knowledge, but in terms of skills as well. The extracurricular activities provided by the School fostered my passion for psychology, the subject I now read. The dedicated efforts to support my Cambridge application – including practice interviews – undoubtedly played a part in my admission.

Barnard Castle School has not only supported my academic career, but shaped it. I am incredibly grateful to have been the recipient of a transformational bursary.