Since the introduction of Teesdale House in 1958, day houses have played an increasingly important and central part of daily life at Barney.

Barney now has five flourishing day houses, catering for over 350 pupils. In the same way as the boarding houses play home for our boarding pupils, the day house common rooms are where the day pupils spend the majority of time when not occupied in the classroom or in extra-curricular activities.

These spaces are key to our pupils’ development. They are where they meet friends and tutors at the start of the day, but also where they learn vital social skills and build bonds that will last for life, as they compete in the raft of Inter-House competitions that happen each Wednesday.

Our existing day house spaces remain largely unchanged since inception. They are tired, uninspiring and segregated – preventing today’s “always-connected” young people from interacting socially outside their house. This limits their development and enjoyment of School.

We have plans to convert the old changing rooms, at the back of the School, into a fully-fledged co-educational social and pastoral space for day pupils, with refurbished day house common rooms above. This will transform our day house education, while preserving the individual house identities.

The projected cost of this project is circa £750,000.