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Barney recognised as a leading centre for sporting excellence

04 Jun 2024

Barney is proud to have been officially designated as a centre for talented athletes, one of just a handful in the North East.

We have joined the Sport England Talented Athlete Scholarship Scheme (TASS), a partnership linking young athletes, specialist learning delivery sites and national governing sport bodies.

The programme is designed to bring the best out of the country’s most exciting young talent, aged 16-plus, helping them to balance sport in their lives.

Nationally, TASS already supports more than 500 athletes, in 38 sports, who are all eligible to represent England and have been identified as performing at the top of the Sport England Talent Pathway.

Barney joins a national network of 38 TASS delivery sites throughout England which provide vital support services to youngsters.

Teachers and coaches will become TASS practitioners and be provided with a host of opportunities to build knowledge and remain current through a continuous professional development programme.

Support packages include strength and conditioning, physiotherapy, lifestyle support, psychology, nutrition, a medical scheme and access to mental health support.

Barney’s Director of Sport, Ms Masterman, said: “This prestigious accreditation is normally the preserve of universities, so we are delighted to become one of only three registered schools in the region.

“This will allow us to build a workshop programme that will help our students pursue their sporting dreams. It will support pupils with high level abilities in both their sporting and academic learning.

“It will also give them access to the top universities for their chosen sports and identify the best development pathways. We will be looking at our existing scholarship programme to identify the first cohort of TASS athletes who we will then support so they can be the best they can at their sport while ensuring they also receive the education they deserve.”