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Barney’s CCF ‘strikes gold’ in prestigious competition!

20 May 2024

Many congratulations to our team of cadets who not only completed arguably the most prestigious and toughest competition within the cadet world, but were awarded Gold and crowned overall national CCF champions of Exercise Cambrian Patrol.

They travelled to Wales at the end of last week for the annual event where teams navigate and patrol over 40km, completing military tasks over the course of 48 hours, including casualty evacuation, reconnaissance, section attacks and ambush drills.

They are also tested on their ability to operate under stress, maintain discipline, and apply their tactical knowledge in realistic scenarios. Teams are evaluated on their performance throughout the whole of the patrol. Scoring criteria includes a kit inspection, navigation accuracy, task completion, teamwork, and leadership.

Exercise Cambrian Patrol is a prestigious and gruelling military exercise organised by the British Army. It takes place annually in the rugged terrain of Wales and is designed to test the endurance, leadership, teamwork, and tactical skills of participating teams.

Well done to everyone involved, especially Mr Wardman for all his efforts training the team in the build-up to the competition.