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Year 10 Chemistry Trip to ‘Science Live’ in Sheffield on 31.1.24

31 Jan 2024

By Emily, Year 10

We went to city hall in Sheffield and had various different talks from scientists specialising in different subjects. Our first talk was a brief one about exam techniques and achieving top grades, mainly revision techniques.

The second talk was all about reversible reactions and the Belousov theory, teaching us about equilibrium, as after a set amount of time the reaction stopped. Following this we had a talk about nanotechnology, linked in to careers that Chemistry can take you into. A key point of this was using nano particles in clothes to keep them cleaner for longer as dirt and water slides off.

Afterwards, we had a talk about the development and creation of embryos, followed by another exam technique talk about how to answer ‘question’ words (such as ‘describe and explain’ as well as how to read graphs to obtain top marks.

Finally, we had a talk about black holes, explaining the ‘Rosen bridge’ theory, which put into context the amount of time a light year is.