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Year 12 Maths trip to Lancaster University – Wednesday 10th January 2024

11 Jan 2024

By Charlie A, Year 12

Upon arriving at Lancaster University, we found our way to the George Fox Building where we spent all of our day. Our first talk consisted of number theory with a fun mathematical riddle to work out the age of Diophantus. Next, we attempted a fun quiz with mind-boggling questions: all Barney students later received a water bottle as a reward for coming joint 3rd.

Following a buffet, we went off to engage in another lecture about probability and statistics and how companies can use it to help them; it was fascinating and showed the real life applications of the things you learn in school.

Our final talk was about Maths in Medicine, using data to see how hospitals can improve efficiency and care. All these talks were exciting to listen to and it was lovely to have a trip out to see one of our nearby universities.