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Chemistry Competition – Teesside University

30 Nov 2023

By Isabel, Year 10

On the 29th of November Kit B, Alex G, Matilda O and I travelled to Teesside University.

Having already completed a test in School the previous Monday, which had been sent to the University, we had three different sections to complete on the day.

The first was two Kahoots on the theme of the periodic table and electrolysis with a few other topics popping up amongst them. The second was a questionnaire with questions which we could research the answers to, including questions such as: ‘What is the general name of the class of compounds containing the -SH group?’ Lastly, we had a sheet of paper with lots of questions that required us to draw graphs from experiment data, interpret results, figure out elements formed by the outcomes of different gas tests and many more.

I would say that we worked very well together to complete each of these sections and had a good day out! Thank you to Dr Butterfield for taking us.