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Sixth Form Art trip to London

10 Nov 2023

By Blossom, Upper Sixth

We embarked on our London journey at the Victoria and Albert Gallery, where an array of artworks spanning from pre-1400s to a contemporary ‘Chanel’ exhibition captivated our senses. Following that, we took the tube to the National Gallery, where a guided tour provided insights into pieces by artists like Rembrandt, particularly resonating with our group through the narratives behind the old portraits.

Our exploration extended to the National Portrait Gallery, revealing a diverse spectrum of portrait art styles that intrigued us, challenging our preconceptions. As it soon became the evening, we gathered with the DT students in Covent Garden, immersing ourselves in an enlightening artistic experience amid remarkable architecture, stellar street performers, and enchanting Christmas decorations. A culinary highlight awaited us at Bella Italia, with the chocolate brownies leaving a lasting impression.

Following a well-deserved night’s rest, an early start led us to Liverpool Station for a guided ‘Street Art Tour,’ emerging as the pinnacle of our itinerary. The wide variety of Street Art and the accompanying stories left a profound impact, unveiling the vibrant community of street artists in the area originating from the influx of immigrants to the area; French, Jewish and Bangladeshi. From spotting ceramic broccolis to meeting ‘The Broccoli Man,’ Adrian Boswell, the experience was nothing short of inspiring. Enthralled by his story, each of us, including Mrs. Baptist, invested in an original piece of his work.

Our journey continued with a visit to the local street food market, another standout moment. The final leg included visits to Tate Britain and Tate Modern, both offering a plethora of interactive experiences that sparked joy among the group. Personally, I found the quality of artwork in all the galleries highly inspiring. London, with its ever-present art, from street murals to graffiti, and posters, proved to be the ideal backdrop for our subject trip.

There was a huge amount of modern artwork in the city conveyed poignant messages about current affairs, which captured our attention as we recognized the power of visual storytelling. As art students, we left London profoundly inspired by the city’s dynamic art scene and the compelling messages portrayed though the city’s vibrant artistic community.