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MedSoc guest speaker: Alasdair Frost

10 Nov 2023

MedSoc had the pleasure of welcoming Alasdair Frost, Specialist Orthopaedic Small Animal Veterinary Surgeon, for a masterclass on Thursday afternoon.

He spoke about his career in veterinary science, which has included work in Hong Kong and setting up his own specialist referral hospital. Alasdair also talked through one of his surgeries, a TPLO (tibial plateau levelling osteotomy) and showed students the different sized plates and pins he uses, some of which are tiny to be used on a Chihuahua, and showed what skill and dexterity he needs to have to perform such an intricate surgery on a tiny scale.

Further, Alasdair then answered questions on studying Veterinary Medicine and his career, which were of particular interest to those hoping to study the course beyond Barney.