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Biology Week: 16th-19th October 2023

19 Oct 2023

Barney’s Biology department spent this week celebrating all things Biology during the Royal Society of Biology’s ‘Biology Week’. There was a daily ‘Guess the animal’ quiz for students to identify an animal based on a picture of part of their body, with merits available for those quickest to identify and send Mrs Gibson a message.

The first Biology reading competition of the year closed just before the Biology week started, with 63 participants being curious to find out more about noisy whales. Curiosity and Endeavour merits were handed out to 47 students who scored over 50%, with five of these scoring 100% in the first quiz. The second reading competition opened for Biology Week, giving students the opportunity to read about nose-picking lemurs and the possible evolutionary benefits of this behaviour and answer a short Forms quiz on what they have read about.

There was also a vote for the favourite Great British Biologist on the department display boards, with some information about some different biologists and the impact they have made. It was great to see students discussing their achievements and deciding who they thought had changed the world the most with their work. Results for this will be published later this term.

Finally, there was the chance to be creative and make a model of their favourite fungus. Beefsteak fungus or maybe Yellow brain with the chance of winning a prize.